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"Dynamic Marketing" - The term isoften used, but rarely does more than add a bell or whistle. ICE Online's AdGadget technology is more than just an interactive display, it's a tool through which advertisers and publishers can implement and monitor an entire marketing solution, monitor and change a campaign in real time, and produce higher responses and conversions - now that's what "dynamic" means.

ICE Online's "AdGadget" in a nutshell... Add our code to your banner or video and it becomes a micro-website that can provide users every service your home page offers, except it's all accessable right from the webpage on which it was published - no redirection required.

The code is only a few bits large and can be integrated into any ad (banner, video rich media, etc.) or page object (image, word, etc.) with a simple "copy & paste".  Once done, users have access to anything you want to offer: information, videos, down/uploads, printing (coupons, etc.), surveys, contests, and a shopping carts for purchases.

AdGadget is a tool of online marketers to better engage the consumer and measure the results from engagement.

Adding the application to any ad will transform it into an interactive mini-website through which users can connect directly with the advertiers, its brand and the product(s) it is marketing.

Implementing AdGadget is extremely simple - assemble or create whatever content you want to appear in your AdGadget, submit it to ICE Online, and return a small string of code ("wrap code") for you to paste to your ad's HTML*. The wrap code can be pasted to many different ads and ad types - there is no limit to just one ad - and can be switched between ads based on the desires of the client. Once implemented, distribute your ad normally, through as many differrent ad networks as you like, your AdGadget will always appear with it. The AdGadget is also completely customizable in real time, allowing the advertiser to change information, and ad or remove, maually or automatically, in-gadget services as desired. You can even shut your AdGadget down at any time without having to remove your ad from the web.

Increase ROI:
AdGadget produces higher conversions and leads and helps to validate impression rates for improved ROI.

Simply put, every time a user activates your AdGadget, we record the event and validate that your ad has actually grabbed the user's attention. We also record every click through that occurs with your banner, whether before or after your AdGadget is engaged. And we do this with every instance your ad is published on a webpage, regardless of the number of ad networks you use - creating a centralized database of impression and click-through metric data. In addition, we can record every in-gadget action as well, including leads, reporting detailed reults that can even include "primetime" impressions and conversions. All these measurement can then be collated with the reports provided by the ad netowrks you use, providing a far more granular understanding for your ad's results - i.e. which networks, and which pages provide the best user response rates - so you can adapt strategy in real time to increase your ROI.

AdGadget will also produce higher results from your campaigns. Because you use AdGadget to deliver your product data and other interactive services to the user (a direct marketing RFI approach to implementation of your campaign), the passively interested user has a 210% higher likelihood of reviewing and remembering your ad and a 230% higher likelihood of converting. (click here for a study report).

Analyitics Intelligence:
AdGadget offers more than just interactive services for ads. AdGadget makes it possible for advertiser's to monitor the results of its entire ad campaign and centralize metric data through our Analytics Intelligence (AI) Services.

If you want to understand what ICE Online's AI Services provide when we describe it as centralizing metric data for an entire campaign, think of it this way - all the reports on all impressions and clicks reported by every ad network you use collected into one report, plus ever in-gadget action taken by a user. AI will report:

  • Ad Impressions and Clicks
  • Gadget activations
  • In-Gadget actions
  • Lead Generations

When you implement AdGadget into your ad, our AI system monitors every impression and user click of your ad, allowing you to monitor your capaign centrally as you distribute your ads through mutliple ad networks. Contemporaniously, AI will provide you with indepth measurments of in-gadget use and actions.

AI can also provide an in-depth overview of your ad's overall response rate, including "primetime" publishing so you can better target your target audience.


* Currently, we are developing an online dashboard through which clients can create AdGadgets on their own and receive their wrap code seconds after creation.

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