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ICEtv offers an interactive television application that provides content-specific t-commerce to sell TV entertianment and music. Viewers can purchase the show or film they are watching, or the music played in the show. Our iTV application is an unbound software component for the EBIF platform, so it will work in conjunction with any live broadcast, regardless of the network, as well as for DVR playback.

Why does ICEtv focus on video and music at the start? Becuase it is the most popular purchase made by consumers through the largest variety of platforms and sources.


The viability of interactive television and t-commerce depends on 3 factors: Convenience, Convergence and Diversity. These are the fundamental elements of both the industy and the consumer. Create a unique technology satisfying these basic needs for both, and a marketable solution becomes a reality. That was ICE's goal, and that has become ICE's achievement.


ICE offers an unbound,out-of-the-box iTV solution that provides a commerce platform for live broadcasts and DVR vieweings through which viewers can buy the DVD/Bluray/Digital format of the entertainment they are watching, and also buy the music they hear in it.

ICEtv is an application designed for cable/satelite STBs with the EBIF platform, as well as for stand-alone media platforms, such as TVs and players. The front end component has a very small foortprint, with the majority of its processes occuring remotely, within our Cloud. The backend processing also occurs in our Cloud - there is no integration with the broadcast. For ccontroled systems like those deployed by MSOs, headend integration is extremely minimal, requiring a simple gateway server rack. And the ICEtv menu can simply be pushed out to the end user's STB as part of a normal flash update. For open systems, such as with Satellite and internet-ready TV sets, there is no backend integration at all. And

Once implemented, the home viewer uses their remote control to access ICEtv during the live broadcast or playback on their DVR to purchase the show or film they are watching, and buy the music playing in it. The ICE menu can either stand on its own, appearing when a pre-designated remote button (selected by the pay-TV provider or assigned to the remote by the user) is pushed, or it can be a selection among the various menu offerings provided by the MSO or OEM.


ICEtv isn't just about interactive television, it's about a user's interactive "life". ICE has designed its system to cross platforms, offering MSOs, broadcasters and content creators the opportunity to converge the two screens (TV and computer) in a user's life into on virtual screen.

ICEtvwill work with a user's smartphone. A user can link their phone to the ICEtv menu virtually, submitting a commerce transaction request through the menu to their mobile device for purchase completion. A mobile device can also be used for purchase confirmation and discount offers.

ICEtv also reaches the online environment, offering the same services for online streamed video through services like YouTube and Hulu through ICE Online's Adgadget technology. It also provides an inverse advantage of linking the entertainment to the internet ads of the brands that sponsor TV.


ICEtv provides an opportunity for the MSO and OEM to platform a plethora of different services that they can offer to the user. Our initial t-commerce service focuses on music and video entertainment, but the system is designed to immediately sprinboard into listing any amount of products for sale as the data becomes available - not just for products advertised with the show, but products in the show as well (watch the video demo). And any other service can be integrated with the menu as ICEtv becomes a standard part of the home viewer's entertainment experience.

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